3DP & AM Chat: 9T Labs | Digital Composites Production | Yannick Willemin & Adam Penna |January 2021

Great to have Yannick Willemin from 9T Labs in Switzerland stop by to discuss digital composites production and his journey into Additive Manufacturing…

Topics include:
0:05 – Intro – starting in 2020 with 9T Labs, Switzerland
2:56 – Customer attention and overcoming obstacles during pandemic as a Start-up
6:10 – USP’s for 9T Labs. Software automation for composites
11:08 – “It’s about serial production not about prototyping“
11:30 – The Machine itself – Build & Fusion modules
13:48 – Part & process quote from Yannick
15:07 – 9T Labs support focus, long term education service
17:38 – Speed of innovation
19:11 – Materials, thermoplastics, sustainability
22:00 – Case Studies, advantages of composites in Aerospace & Medical
27:27 – Forecast for 2021

Yannick Willemin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/yannickwillemin/

9T Labs
Empowering all manufacturers to mass produce carbon fiber composites easily by providing an all-in-one solution of advanced software, automated manufacturing equipment and industry standard material.
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