3DP & AM Chat: UWM | Creative Engineering and 3DP | Maddie Frank & Adam J. Penna | February 25, 2021

Intern extraordinaire turned graduate and guest host, Maddie Frank stopped by to share her inspiring journey into 3D printing through Engineering and Applied Science as well her reflections and forecast for the future…

Topics Include:
0:05 – intro Maddie Frank, recent electrical engineering graduate, TIPE 2021 Youth track leader, intern extraordinaire
6:35 – 2019 AMUG, Technical competition for advanced finishing – 3D printed Cello – Combining passions
10:52 – Timo Gallery – Workspace/Showcase | Facebook = https://www.facebook.com/Timo-Gallery-WorkspaceShowcase-151322358243630/
12:07 – How the 3D printed Cello played in comparison to a real Cello, creative process
14:37 – Manufacturing and melding different disciplines
15:58 – Finding the applications for Additive Manufacturing
17:13 – Bring additive manufacturing to the mainstream – continual learning
20:25 – Remaining teachable
20:51 – First guest host: Maddie Frank will be interviewing Anouk Wipprecht on All Digital Additive Manufacturing, combining technology with the human element, stay tuned!

Maddie Frank: https://bit.ly/3tdqj83
Anouk Wipprecht: https://bit.ly/3bzjsj6

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