3DP & AM Chat: Dyndrite | AMUG Wrap-Up Round Table | Orlando, Florida | May 6, 2021

From AMUG 2021 in Orlando, Florida. On Thursday, May 6th in the Orange ‘Main Stage’ Ballroom during the “last session of the week”.
Including special guests from the room, answering questions and reflecting on each other’s related AMUG 2021 highlights.
This year was a benchmark conference to remember, and I feel very grateful to be a part of…

Dyndrite AMUG Wrap-Up

The “lively round table” session included leaders across the Additive Manufacturing ecosystem.

Anthony Graves – HP
Ben Ferrar – Carpenter Additive
Michelle Bockman – 3D Control Systems
David Tucker – Forecast3D
Jen Ferello – HP
Kristin Mulherin & Rachael Dalton-Taggart – Dyndrite
Moderator: Adam J. Penna – All Digital AM

Dyndrite Corporation is composed of mathematicians, software engineers, designers, and mechanical engineers, all with a strong belief in the transformative power of digital manufacturing through new computing technologies. We aim to unlock the promise of emerging fabrication technologies within production-oriented environments across numerous industries, including aerospace, automotive, medical, energy, consumer goods, service bureaus and contract manufacturers.

The Additive Manufacturing Users Group (AMUG) origins date back to the early 1990s when the founding industry users group was called 3D Systems North American Stereolithography Users Group, a users group solely focused on the advancement of stereolithography (SL) use with the owners and operators of 3D Systems’ equipment. Today, AMUG educates and supports users of all additive manufacturing technologies. The primary charter of the group remains the same, but its members are much more diversified, global and focused in advancing additive manufacturing technology for rapid manufacturing and prototyping.

With AMUG’s expanded range, operators/owners of any commercial technology — stereolithography, selective laser sintering, 3D printing, DMD, DMLS, FDM, LS, SL, SLM, PolyJet, and more * — can benefit from the information exchange and professional network that AMUG offers.

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