3DP & AM Chat: Roboze | Performance Super Polymers and Composites | Alessio Lorusso | April 29, 2021

I had the opportunity to chat with Roboze CEO, Alessio Lorusso and learn more about his plans to expand operations to Houston, Texas. Offering both 3D printers and 3D parts with performance super polymers and composites.
The Roboze technical ecosystem includes a complete range of advanced 3D printers for high temperature and high strength super plastics, developed with the collaboration of the best global players. It guarantees a real optimization of costs and time along the entire supply chain, while bringing Additive Manufacturing closer to the standards of traditional manufacturing.

1:20 – Alessio’s journey from production CNC to production 3D printing with accurate repeatable high performance super polymer and composites materials #stronglikemetal
2:48 – Roboze specializes in high temp polymer materials.
4:37 – Production “accuracy and repeatability” and #printstronglikemetal
6:04 – Expanding operations from HQ in Bari, Italy to Houston, Texas
8:30 – Roboze technology “beltless technology” – repeatability and consistency – process materials properly.
12:05 – Business model of both selling machines and also providing printing services with Roboze On-demand parts / service network. (Digital inventory) “connecting the demand with the offering.”
15:47 – Consistency of the parts and quality control in distributed manufacturing. Certification and qualification of parts.
17:52 – Future Plans – additional talent and technology – upcoming event: 20th of May:
Webinar to discover how Roboze is supporting the widespread use of additive manufacturing in the SPACE SECTOR to change the future of space missions.

“Roboze Goes into Space” with LAIR Group
Event by Roboze
May 20, 2021, 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM (CDT)
Registration link: https://bit.ly/3sE0KfC

Roboze: https://www.roboze.com/

Roboze is re-shaping the manufacturing industry and revolutionizing the world of 3D Printing with the most precise technology, capable of processing super polymers and composite materials for the realization of finished functional parts to be used in the most extreme conditions and sectors.

Moreover, Roboze offers the chance to produce custom finished parts On Demand and Just-in-Time through its manufacturing as a service global network, Roboze 3D Parts, that allows companies to reduce cost and time by shortening the steps in their supply chain and digitalizing their inventory.

Alessio Lorusso: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lorussoroboze/

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