3DP & AM Chat: 3Degrees | TraceAM software | Mike Vasquez, PhD and Adam J. Penna | May 26, 2021

Happy to have fellow podcaster and founder of 3Degrees consulting, Mike Vasquez stop by and share more details about developing and launching his new TraceAM software while piloting a new educational program in Chicago, IL.

0:00 – Intro – Mike Vasquez, PhD – Additive Manufacturing Materials Expert
​1:05 – AMUG – teaser TraceAM software
1:35 – 3Degrees – making 3D printing work for you – beyond materials research – helping qualify the process
5:12 – Developing TraceAM software – materials process database – 3D printing workflow in a production environment – real life information
9:40 – Certifications, Qualifications, Standards – documenting the whole story of the part
13:32 – America Makes materials database project using TraceAM software
18:50 – Podcasting through the pandemic – 3Degrees
24:32 – Chicago, IL pilot student and mentor program – “Westside Forward” jobs and training – intro to 3D printing careers – importance of networking

Mike Vasquez: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mvasquez18/
3Degrees: https://www.3degreescompany.com/
TraceAM software: https://www.traceam.com/

Dr. Mike Vasquez is a 3D Printing expert specializing in pushing the boundaries of advanced 3D printing technology. He is the Founder of 3Degrees, a Chicago-based consulting company focused helping companies implement winning 3D Printing solutions through practical insights and materials expertise.
He has worked side-by-side with some of the top machine manufacturers, material producers and end users in the industry, consulting with them to identify novel applications, test new materials, and rethink manufacturing approaches to de-risk supply chains and increase flexibility.
He completed his PhD in Additive Manufacturing at Loughborough University and received both his Bachelors and Masters from MIT in Materials Science and Engineering.

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