3DP & AM Chat: Anouk Wipprecht | Fashion Tech Design 3D Printing | Maddie Frank | March 2nd, 2021

In celebration of Women’s History Month coinciding with All Digital Additive Manufacturing’s 50th episode, FashionTech icon Anouk Wipprecht is interviewed by guest host Maddie Frank. Thank you to Maddie for agreeing to be our first guest host and doing the work behind the questions that make this episode so great! Special thanks to Anouk for agreeing to be guest number 50!! WoW…what an inspirational and talent packed episode… Thank You All! Enjoy!!

Topics Include:
0:05 – Intro – Guest host, Maddie Frank with guest Anouk Wipprecht
1:08 – STEAM and FashionTech influence in a small town
3:14 – Computer and technology introduction
4:03 – MTV and 90’s influence – Robotics influence
6:16 – Art, Fashion, and Robotics (the early years)
9:22 – Anouk’s lil princess Lumi says hello 😊
10:57 – 1.5yrs in Sweden with Arduino while pursuing art – combining disciplines.
12:53 – Typical day in the life of a creative
13:52 – Location and cultural influence – Zaha Hadid architect
18: 32- Support to be an entrepreneur artist.
20:38 – Dress designs, Spider, Smoke, Synapse – exploring personal space
24:43 – Balancing design and gender and technology
28:55 – Agent Unicorn Project – sensory research for children – Autism, ADHD therapy
37:53 – Getting started with 3D printing – Smoke dress – Software – TPU
41:20 – Materialise – Robotics – Fashion – 3D printing
42:16 – Future of Art, Technology, and Fashion – STEM and STEAM – hybrid approach

Anouk Wipprecht: https://www.anoukwipprecht.nl/
Maddie Frank: https://www.linkedin.com/in/maddie-frank-586505a8/

Support local music by Eugene Snowden: https://amzn.to/3iZpCu2

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