3DP & AM Chat: Design Intent | Art to Medical | Wilbert Pierce & Adam J. Penna | January 7th, 2021

Design intent and the creative process are fun to chat about with this week’s guest Wilbert Pierce of Wilbert Pierce Designs and medical device company Longeviti Neuro Solutions. From art to Iron Man to Medical design for 3D printing, it was a blast learning about is journey and outlook on 2021…

0:05- Intro – DfAM art applied to the Medical industry – 3D modeling to printing
3:02 – Design intent – optimizing time
4:07 – Art and Engineering – drawing talent – “construction of life”
5:50 – Home SLA 3D printer line up – FDM & SLA Iron Man masks
7:48 – MARVEL childhood memories
8:48 – Discovering Iron Man (on guitar)
9:23 – Design thinking – Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts experience – CAD intro – 3D sculpting
12:30 – Words of wisdom
18:48 – Intentionality lessons
22:13 – Medical 3D printing design intent – SLA to PolyJet
24:36 – Medical projects – cranial implant – start-up milestones – open collaboration
29:24 – What Wilbert enjoys the most about Additive Manufacturing
32:41 — Benefit of AM
34:54 – The power of networking
37:56 – Home hobbies
43:21 – Forecast for 2021, consolidation, diving in with medical design

Wilbert Pierce: https://www.linkedin.com/in/wilbertpierce/
Longeviti Neuro Solutions: https://www.linkedin.com/company/longeviti/

Longeviti is taking a holistic approach to the most challenging dilemmas facing the various fields of neuro-technology
Longeviti has created , with its collaborators, a multi-disciplined portfolio merging Robotics, Navigation, Machine/Brain Interface, Wireless Technology, Cranial Reconstruction, and Functional Neurosurgical Devices.
Together, Longeviti and its partners are changing the evolution of neuro-technology.

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