3DP & AM Chat: Tactile Report | Photopolymers | Stephanie Benight & Adam J. Penna | January 13, 2021

Stephanie Benight from Tactile Materials Solutions stopped by to share the knowledge on photopolymers and her newly released Tactile Report.
She will also be sharing more at the TIPE conference on January 27-28. Don’t miss it…

0:05 – Intro – Stephanie Benight, PhD Materials Science
Tactile Report = Photopolymers in 3D printing – tactilereport.com
2:14 – Materials industry insight – 3D printing for real applications – nasal swabs, PPE, equipment – hybrid materials – increasing thermal performance
5:38 – Tactile Materials Solutions – TactileReport.com – Stratasys/Origin consolidation.
7:02– speaking on a panel at the TIPE conference – stop by All Digital Additive Manufacturing table – Remo virtual tradeshow platform evolution – virtual networking
9:38 – Production ready material / technology / company comparison in the Tactile Report
11:50 – Stephanie’s journey into applied material science – pre & post PhD
15:21 – Importance of career fairs – understanding material failure and having communication plan
17:48 – Intention of Tactile Report
20:58– Sustainability – recycle-ability
21:34 – Polymers used in present day – core polymers – innovation in the polymer space – applications
24:12 – Standardization – ASTM committee – litigation – regulatory certification process
28:20 – Medical polymer applications- standards
29:52 – Photopolymers meet or exceed injection molding materials today

Tactile Report – https://www.TactileReport.com

TIPE Conference – https://www.tipe3dprinting.com/

Stephanie Benight – https://www.linkedin.com/in/stephaniebenight/
Dr. Stephanie Benight is a leader in Materials with technical background in chemistry and materials characterization and a demonstrated track record in business development and strategic partnerships. She has led and conducted root cause and failure analysis investigations of plastics, adhesives, and coatings (e.g. inks, paints) used in commercial products such as building materials (e.g. flooring), consumer electronics, medical devices, equipment components, and wind turbine blades, among others. Dr. Benight is experienced with several materials characterization techniques including FTIR, DSC/TGA, mass spectrometry, microscopy, chemical compatibility testing, mechanical property testing (e.g. tensile strength, nanoindentation) and accelerated end-use testing of materials. She has employed these methods routinely in her investigations and research. Dr. Benight also has performed research in the areas of liquid crystals, photonics, electro-optic materials, organic electronics (e.g. sensors, transistors), semiconductors, next generation computing (e.g. optical computing), and additive manufacturing (3D printing).

Tactile Material Solutions – https://www.tactilems.com/
As the world continues to face unprecedented hurdles, one thing is certain – advanced materials and polymers will continue to play a vital role in current generation products and next-generation technology. Leveraging our background in materials science, chemistry, and business, Tactile Materials Solution’s mission is to provide well-informed insight and sharp technical analysis to empower innovators to meet these challenges head-on.
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