3DP & AM Chat: MakerGirl | 3D Printing Education | Mary Hadley & Adam J. Penna | December 16, 2020

Mary Hadley – CEO, MakerGirl stopped in from Chicago IL right before Christmas to discuss expanding STEM curriculum programs for 3D printing education. MakerGirl educates girls 7-10 on how to 3D print and design using CAD. You can also catch Mary this week at the TIPE conference January 27th-28th…

Topics Include:
0:05 – Mary Hadley – CEO, MakerGirl – Chicago IL
0:40 – Virtual 3D printing sessions reach
1:48 – 2020 timeline agility – STEM videos and live virtual sessions
2:48 – Next Gen excitement – Girl Scouts, e-Nable, Helping Hands project
4:09 – Creative analytical theme – projects during pandemic
5:10 – Education importance at all ages – working with the next gen
7:03 – Mary’s journey with 3D printing and MakerGirl’s beginnings – road trip
9:00 – Virtual sessions and overcoming challenges
10:56 – Future goals with MakerGirl – expanding the curriculum
12:55 – Print project highlights
14:41 – Importance of Mentorship
15:18 – Piloting level two curriculum – TIPE conference Youth track – Wi3DP Next Gen project
16:36 – MakerGirl mission to education 10,000 girls by 2023.

MakerGirl – https://makergirl.us/
Mary Hadley – https://www.linkedin.com/in/maryhadley/

TIPE conference – https://www.tipe3dprinting.com/

MakerGirl’s mission is to educate the next generation of female makers to be unstoppable forces that say “Yes!” to the challenges of tomorrow. Shared through STEM education sessions led by University women and men. MakerGirl educates girls on how to 3D print and CAD, focusing on girls aged 7-10. All of our sessions inspire girls to be creative and technical through 3D printing and other cutting-edge technologies.
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