3DP & AM Chat: Makelab & Wi3DP | TIPE 2021 | Christina Perla & Adam Penna | October 13, 2020

Birthday visit with Christina Perla, Cofounder & CEO of Makelab (NYC) | Board of Directors at Women in 3D Printing | Formlabs Ambassador
It was great to celebrate our October birthdays together and learn more about her 3DP journey and upcoming T.I.P.E. Conference in January.

⦁ Happy Birthday!!
⦁ Makelab to Wi3DP Board of Directors
⦁ NYC 2020
⦁ T.I.P.E. Conference 2021 – Overview & Economics track preview
• Wi3DP T.IP.E. podcast interview series
⦁ Networking 2020
⦁ bridging a gap left between designers/inventors and their products
⦁ Developing standards to propel our industry forward
⦁ Fostering a constructive work culture

Christina Perla: https://www.linkedin.com/in/christinaperla/

Makelab: https://makelab.nyc/
Enabling You to Create, Iterate, and Prototype Faster
Bridging a gap left between designers/inventors and their products.

T.I.P.E. virtual conference on January 27/28, 2021
Technology Industry People Economics (speaking tracks)

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