3DP & AM Chat: Carbon | D.L.S. | Halloween Episode | Jason Lopes & Adam Penna | October 14, 2020

Great to chat with Jason Lopes, Global Market Development Engineer at Carbon in Los Angeles, CA. It was a blast learning more about his creative energy and experience that enable him to positively influence others and continue bridging the gap from artistry to technology.

Topics include:
⦁ Halloween episode
⦁ Local community, local sourcing, ground up + top down and meeting in the middle
⦁ Family, work, and school adjustments | 2020 Life in Los Angeles
⦁ Work and social hours getting blurred. Mental health time
⦁ Security and education as part of the value proposition
⦁ Proving what 3DP & AM can do
⦁ Why design for additive and advanced processes
⦁ Digital Light Synthesis (D.L.S.) is the Carbon’s process
⦁ What makes Carbon’s materials add value for the customer – “start to finish to high volume output”
⦁ Prototype to production defined
⦁ Power of digital manufacturing at a global level
⦁ Legacy Effects – bridging the gap from artistry to technology
⦁ Creatively getting to a dynamically shifting deadline. “I’m great at doing the impossible for the first time ever”
⦁ The added value of apprenticeships and trade-school
⦁ Commercialization of Carbon’s L1 printer
⦁ Henkel’s partnership for new materials: “Henkel clear” 3D IND 405 & single part curing material: EPX 86 FR
⦁ Rapid advancement of software and the digital ecosystem

Jason Lopes: https://bit.ly/3mxjhrj

Carbon: https://www.carbon3d.com/
Carbon® provides industry-leading digital manufacturing solutions that empower companies to create revolutionary products anywhere and at any scale. Carbon joins advanced hardware, software, and polymer materials capabilities on one digital manufacturing platform – giving companies the ability to design and bring better products to market in less time.

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