3DP & AM Chat: Dyndrite and HP | Power to Scale AM | Anthony Graves & Harshil Goel & Adam Penna

“We all have to work together to elevate additive to its rightful place” – Anthony Graves of HP and Harshil Goel of Dyndrite stopped by All Digital Additive Manufacturing to continue the conversation with Adam Penna and elevate the understanding of what power to scale in Additive Manufacturing really can look like…

Topics Include:
0:00 – Intro – Anthony Graves & Harshil Goel
1:40 – AM industry bigger picture – software focus –
2:41 – HP delivering innovative AM solutions with Dyndrite partnership
4:49 – Intellectual Property (IP) & Reality of securely industrializing AM
7:14 – HP Universal Build Manager (UBM) & architecture capability kernel from Dyndrite | Dyndrite Development Council (DDC) involvement
10:10 – Dyndrite engine overview – Data: time, speed / meta-data intelligence
12:40 – HP UBM comparison – production perspective from Anthony
14:00 – Business models – On-Demand manufacturing, speed, customization, personalization
16:30 – Example: color based intelligent prioritization at scale
19:00 – Both Automation and codification of the process
20:04 – More than templates, dynamic updating & scalability
23:40 – “We all have to work together to elevate additive to its rightful place”
24:00 – A post-script for AM = Dynamic and adjustable to the part and also to the machine… Storing the recipe for the data.
26:09 – Opening up the kernel to unlock the potential. Leveraging IP off the machine. More power, performance, and scalability.
27:43 – Anthony’s favorite example – share the recipe and compute data as you need it
30:23 – Real world implications – file transfers – The recipe for managing large data
34:48 – Story of the dot matrix printer upgrading to laser writer. “post-script”
37:22 – Closed-loop systems harnessing the power of the Dyndrite kernel
40:09 – Intellectual Property (IP) hope
42:37 – What to be on the lookout for in the next six to twelve months

Dyndrite Day 2020: https://bit.ly/2VnUWse
Dyndrite: https://www.dyndrite.com/
HP Universal Build Manager (UBM): https://bit.ly/36tpOhC

Harshil Goel: https://bit.ly/2Vs4QJr
Anthony Graves: https://bit.ly/36rt5xK
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