3DP & AM Chat: Culinary Printworks | 3DP Food | Kyle von Hasseln & Adam Penna | November 5, 2020

Just in time for the holidays! Kyle von Hasseln, CEO of Culinary Printworks in Los Angeles California stopped by to discuss cloud manufactured 3D printed food, delivering custom edible products from design to delivery. Precision manufacturing has never been so delicious! …

0:00 – Intro – Kyle von Hasseln – Culinary Printworks and 3DS Culinary Lab in L.A. California
1:35 – Decade of 3D culinary expertise. Architectural to Additive Manufacturing
2:59 – Evolution of 3D printing food with Culinary Printworks
4:30 – 3D printing and working with artistic chefs in LA
7:47 – Accuracy and potential of powder printing & working with FDM because of its availability.
9:00 – Powder printing value explained
11:19 – Groundbreaking resolution in culinary arts
12:37 – Educating the artist to adopt new digital tools by learning about the customer
14:16 – “We don’t 3D really print a food so much as we 3D print an ingredient”
16:34 – Flavor and how to deliver custom flavors
20:00 – How the 3D printer operates
21:00 – Culinary Printworks and Sugar Lab / 3D Systems
22:52 – Brill 3D Culinary Studio powered by 3D Systems: printer for scaling repeatable quality food production
24:30 – On-Demand Manufacturing to In-House Support to On-Line Retail
27:24 – Products from: candies, mints, coffee sweeteners, cocktails/mocktails, pastry filling and shells… (warning: mouthwatering for three minutes)
29:35 – Ever print something too beautiful to eat?? (more mouthwatering)
31:25 – Food and beverage industry through the pandemic. Nimble evolution for the customer. Fun indulgence. Virtual event kit gifts.
34:05 – Hope for 2021
35:12 – Tasting Kit – visual sample tease – Eat your own detailed custom design! (extreme mouthwatering)

Kyle von Hesseln: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kyle-von-hasseln-9094595/

Cloud Manufactured 3D Printed Food
Custom edible products from design to delivery.

At Sugar Lab we create designs that create experiences. We believe that when people focus on something together, even something small, they make a moment last a little longer. We chase designs that expand that moment so you can share them with your friends and family.

Brill 3D Culinary Studio powered by 3d Systems: https://bit.ly/2Kb0XpW
The Brill 3D Culinary Studio provides everything you need to create and serve amazing, edible 3D-printed objects on day one.
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