3DP & AM Chat: Carbon | Wi3DP | TIPE | Dana McCallum & Adam Penna September 3, 2020

Insightful visit from Dana McCallum; 2020 AMUG DINO award winner, Head of Production Partnerships at Carbon, and part of Wi3DP Board of Directors.
It was great to learn more about her journey and upcoming TIPE Conference in January.

Topics include:
⦁ Early Career journey…what got you into your profession, milestones behind the journey
⦁ Carbon – Head of Production Partnerships – journey highlights / challenges
⦁ AMUG – DINO award 2020
⦁ Wi3DP Board of Directors – TIPE Conference (Technology track focus)
⦁ TIPE 3D Printing conference January 27/28*

TIPE 3D Printing conference:

Dana McCallum:

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