3DP & AM Chat: ProtoCAM | Prototype to Production | Ed Graham & Adam Penna | August 12, 2020

What a fun journey through time with Edward Graham, 2020 AMUG D.I.N.O. award winner and Vice President of ProtoCAM. Ed is an endless resource and true testament to walking the walk within Additive Manufacturing. Looking forward to the day we reminisce in person. Cheers to community!

Topics Include:
⦁ Home and work life since COVID-19
⦁ Highshool to college journey prior to career
⦁ ProtoCAM – 24yr journey highlights / challenges
⦁ Bridging the gap between custom prototypes and production.
⦁ Vellum!
⦁ Happy birthday!! Embracing vision impairment
⦁ Woodworking
⦁ Dads influence and lessons
⦁ Customer needs and expectations
⦁ PPE – mask straps, N-95 masks
⦁ Frenemies 🙂 The importance of industry education and collaboration.
⦁ Foundry, Sand castings, Injection Molding/Tooling/Casting cool applications.
⦁ ProtoCAM resources

Ed Graham: https://www.linkedin.com/in/edgraham1/
ProtoCAM: https://www.protocam.com/

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