3DP & AM Chat: LEO Lane | Distributed AM Security SaaS | Lee-Bath Nelson and Adam J. Penna

Lee-Bath Nelson, co-Founder and VP of Business at LEO Lane will be speaking about AM entrepreneurship at TIPE January 28th at 10:30 CST in the Economics track. In this episode of ‘3DP & AM Chat’ Lee joins me from Israel to discuss AM SaaS software security for digital inventory to distributed manufacturing.

0:05 – Leo Lane background – repeatable, consistent 3D printing with a secure SaaS – protect and enforce digital assets.
3:18 – blockchain ready – securing distributed manufacturing – process specification – Limited Edition Object (LEO)
6:93 – “Whatever is not controlled by software, we can’t control” – defining and securing the digital thread
8:12 – Digital inventory – Making secure digital asset decisions in the value chain
18:02 – information allowed in a secure way – Contract Manufacturer and Consultant value
20:66 – Recipe – protecting transparency – automation
21:07 – LEO Lane adjustments through the pandemic – Moving to a secure digital supply chain
26:12 – Improving the virtual tradeshow experience – solving the visitor experience
27:86 – LEO Lane blog post – Go Digital
28:84 – Future goals for LEO Lane – ecosystem collaboration
30:09 – Tooling spotlight application for additive manufacturing

LEO Lane: http://www.leolane.com/
Lee-Bath Nelson: https://www.linkedin.com/in/leenelson/

TIPE conference: https://www.tipe3dprinting.com/

LEO stands for Limited Edition Object. LEOs are digital assets (files) that protect and preserve a digital product or part design by controlling how it is produced on behalf of the enterprise/brand that owns it. The brand’s intent is preserved (by specifying material, compatible additive manufacturing technology, scaling allowed, etc) and the brand can specify how many items (instances) can be 3D printed from a particular LEO file. The LEO Lane service also tracks all LEOs providing a dashboard showing when, where, and how each item was produced.
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