3DP & AM Chat: Lazarus 3D | Medical 3D Printed Anatomy | Jacques & Smriti Zaneveld | Sept. 23, 2020

Lazarus 3D is revolutionizing medicine and healthcare by allowing you to rehearse on a physical, soft, realistic 3D printed copy of your patient prior to surgery. It was a pleasure to have Jacques & Smriti Zaneveld Ph.D. share their passionate journey and insight into their proprietary technology, including their patient specific approach to successfully scaling their medial 3D printing service.

Topics Include:
⦁ Journey into 3D printing – why you were drawn to improve medical 3D printing
⦁ Lazarus 3D: since 2013 – 3D printing for medical training using soft-operable materials
⦁ Custom patient-specific models – pre-operative surgery rehearsals
⦁ Vetting the process not the product
⦁ FDA, AMA = 3D printing advocates to help expedite approval.
⦁ Proprietary 3D printer and software. Materials, capabilities – Service business model
⦁ How to improve surgery training (Thoracic, Cardiology, Neurosurgery)
⦁ Upcoming Lazarus 3D resources or industry events

Lazarus 3D:

Smriti Zaneveld Ph.D.:

Jacques Zaneveld Ph.D:

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