3DP & AM Chat: Hyperganic | DfAM with AI and Nature | Lin Kayser & Adam Penna | November 24, 2020

Hyperganic builds software to design objects that are as complex, functional, elegant and sustainable as Nature. Lin Kayser, the Hyperganic CEO and manufacturing visionary, joins us from the art and engineering metropolis of Munich, Germany to discuss Design for Additive Manufacturing (DfAM) with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and nature…

0:00 – Intro – Lin Kayser CEO, Hyperganic in Munich, Germany
1:29 – Journey into AM – Artist father / aerospace uncle. Coding to image processing to engineering
4:13 – Future happened much slower than I thought it would – pc innovation
5:59 – Could AM bring Moore’s Law into innovation of physical objects? – AM software ecosystem that dramatically accelerates innovation of physical objects = Hyperganic
6:59 – Advantages Hyperganic offers within generative design – Design from Nature
10:22 – Lets move atoms in space – new geometry kernel – only software that can model everything you can 3D print at the resolution of the 3D printer or higher.
11:57 – Rocket Combustion Chamber example part on the build plate – print anything on any printer.
13:14 – Algorithm iteration power, a blueprint to create objects.
14:27 – Three sweet spots for Hyperganic – complex objects – Heat Exchanger example – customization – natures design intent – algorithm optimization
17:30 – Bicycle helmet example – scan to print – power of mass customization with algorithms
22:00 – Artificial Intelligence (AI) – how can you speed up simulation?
29:22 – Ask a precise question and let the computer do the manual work of the engineer – innovation of physical products to create radical change quickly
33:14 – Heat exchanger example – partnering for training and education
35:11 – Tilting industries toward additive manufacturing with accelerated innovation from AI and generative design
37:06 – Future plans for Hyperganic and AM – opening up the platform – technology, hardware, economics – automation

Hyperganic: https://www.hyperganic.com/
Lin Kayser: https://www.linkedin.com/in/linkayser/

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