3DP & AM Chat: Hummingbird Additive | Consult | Jillian Gorsuch & Greg Dudder & Adam Penna 8-5-2020

Jillian Gorsuch and Dr Greg Dudder from Hummingbird Additive stopped by to share their experience in Aerospace. It was a pleasure to hear about their united focus on understanding the customer to create qualified parts from their applied knowledge.

Topics include:
*Thoughts on Additive Manufacturing’s response to COVID-19 – Impact on ability to deliver health care solutions locally and iterate rapidly to find better products.

*Hummingbird Additive – The experience and passion behind starting your own business, the first year, current opportunity highlights. https://www.hummingbirdadditive.com/

*Aerospace journey to production / materials process – Critical applications require proportional scrutiny.

*Applications of interest in Aerospace – Light-weighting and other drivers necessary to create a successful business and technical case. examples

*The importance of industry education and collaboration – Variety of topics to learn about, collaboration within a company is critical

*Where the technology is, the economics will follow. Enabling broader applications and industry adoption.

*Understanding the customer and providing both educated and validated solutions from feedback.

Hummingbird Additive – https://www.hummingbirdadditive.com/
Jillian Gorsuch – https://www.linkedin.com/in/jilliangorsuch/
Dr Gregory Dudder – https://www.linkedin.com/in/gregory-dudder-6a836137/

Music by Eugene Snowden – https://www.amazon.com/Ill-Do-Eugene-Snowden/dp/B0881BTSLW

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