3DP & AM Chat: ExOne | Binder Jetting Evolution | Dan Brunermer & Adam Penna | October 7, 2020

Great 3DP & AM Chat with ExOne’s Dan Brunermer, providing insight from the evolution of Binder Jetting to ExOne’s latest partnership with Siemens to his latest ambition with textiles.

Topics Include:
⦁ Dan’s ExOne story
⦁ Insight on the latest news from ExOne “larger build area and 3x print speeds”
⦁ Binder Jetting defined
⦁ ExOne and Siemens partnership
⦁ Hobbies: Family Tai Quan Dao, Music, Lead Singer, Bass Player, Songwriter
⦁ Project Runway winner 2023
⦁ Sand / Metal / Ceramics
⦁ Community collaboration, Wi3DP involvement
⦁ Upcoming resources or industry events of interest


Dan Brunermer:

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