3DP & AM Chat: AM-Cubed and Wi3DP | Kristin Mulherin & Adam Penna | July 13, 2020

On July 21 Kristin Mulherin is the moderator for Wi3D Printing Panel Series on Aerospace, I had the opportunity to chat with Kristin about her inspiring 3DP journey, her company AM-Cubed, and upcoming events of interest…
Topics include:
⦁ Thoughts on Additive Manufacturing’s response to COVID-19
⦁ AM-Cubed – starting your own business, the first year, current opportunity highlights, Material development, Start up mentality, Importance of risk, Portland/Austin, Wi3DP Panel Events
⦁ Upcoming AM events of interest. Wi3D Virtual Panel Series (July 21 Aerospace), Wi3DP Virtual Panel Series Sustainability, Wi3DP January Conference: tipe3dprinting.com
⦁ The importance of industry education and collaboration.

Event links:
July 21 = Wi3D Virtual Panel Series on Aerospace
Aug 26 = Sustainability in Additive Manufacturing https://live.remo.co/e/wi3dp-virtual-panel-series-susta
Jan 27-28 = Technology. Industry. People. Economics = TIPE 3D Printing | 2021 | https://www.tipe3dprinting.com/

Kristin Mulherin on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kmulherin/
AM-Cubed: https://www.AM-Cubed.com

Music: I’ll Do It – Eugene Snowden

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